Youth action is at the heart of what we do. Creating a platform for young people and their opinions, views and passions is one of the biggest driving forces behind all that we do.


Create works with young people who are passionate about positive community action and bringing about change. This forum provides and opportunity for young people to share their voice and let their opinions be heard. Those involved are empowered to head up further various positive community action projects and campaigns supported by volunteers and staff at Create Paisley.


This is a week-long adventure in art, music and film. During the week, young people explore ideas and creative ways to positively transform Paisley through themed activities. The objective of the week is to inform and champion young people in their role of creating better communities, and to produce a final artistic project that enables them to creatively express their voice.


No matter what their background or current situation might be, young people need positive help and support on their journeys. Trained staff and volunteers help them in setting goals in a safe and encouraging space so they can discover personal strengths and make informed choices about life. It’s about equipping the young person for their own future, helping them grow into a more confident, active and empowered member of the community around them.