Amplify is a weekly arts and activism group for young people.

Amplify (part of the Events Team) is a weekly co-design programme supporting young people to express their voice creatively and make a difference in their community.

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What young people say…

It helped me get more confident to speak my mind. It is very important for young people to have a voice because without a voice nothings really going to change in people. If nobody speaks up about it, it’s just going to remain the same.

We’ve got these different things we do and CREATE helps do it through a lot of different arts that even if you didn’t think you’re good at them, you’re able to pick it up and really try for it and my thing is music and it’s helped me through a lot of hard times so I think it is important.

It’s good to get informed about the world and our community and to be able to make good decisions about it.

Create’s definitely helped with my confidence, it’s helped me get involved in things which is really good.

My favourite thing about coming to Create is probably meeting people, getting to know friends and that.

It’s just interesting to try new things and it’s a change of pace from my regular life.

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