No young person should ever feel they are facing the world alone

This Christmas we want to send a Christmas Care Box to every young person who we support in Renfrewshire. This parcel is filled with activities and treats for the young person and will help them to know that they are not alone and that there are people in their communities that care about them. We also want to provide them all with a space to check in with our youth work team and make their voices heard but we cannot do this without your help.

Can you help show a young person in Renfrewshire that we all care about them? A donation of just £25 could pay for a Christmas Care Box and a one hour check in with a youth worker for a young person who is having a tough time this Christmas, giving them both a gift and some much needed support.

Chloe’s story

Chloe lives in Paisley with her family and has been coming to CREATE for two years. 

‘I started to come for something to do on a Friday night after school but the staff were all so welcoming that I started volunteering to help at the Cafés, just setting up and helping throughout the night and stuff. After a while I started going to some of the other workshops and taking part in the events and everyone was so nice’ 

When the Pandemic started and the country was locked down Chloe struggled to cope and turned to CREATE for help:

‘I just had stress that I didn’t realise I had and I started to self-harm. I don’t really know why but just showing it to Brid and letting her know made me feel better. I had been bullied at school a lot in first year and that had really upset my Mum so I didn’t want to stress her out with this so it really helped to know that someone at CREATE is there for me, no matter what’

With one to one support from CREATE’s youth work team Chloe was given a space to talk about her feelings and know that she was not alone. CREATE’s workshops let Chloe mix with her friends while being supported as she needs:

‘I wish I had known about CREATE when I was in first year, it would have helped a lot. It’s important to find someone you trust that you can talk to and I would be completely lost and so upset if CREATE wasn’t there.’

‘I know that lots of young people are struggling at the moment and Christmas is going to be really strange this year; money is tight and we’ve lost a lot of family but with CREATE I know that I have people that are there for me, they’re like my family’

Please consider supporting young people

like Chloe this Christmas.

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