Create’s arts programmes allow young people to develop creative skills and increase their confidence and wellbeing. Once they‘ve grown in these areas, they’re able to engage more meaningfully in their communities and have their voices heard. Through our arts programmes we can foster optimism for the future as professionals pass on their knowledge and expression to the next generation.

  • Music

    Create was built on giving Paisley young people opportunities and training to play, write, record, and promote their own music. We also facilitate and promote events that allow Create’s young people to showcase their talent, and several have gone on to musical careers. We’ve run songwriting workshops, music video productions like Paisley Music Television (PMTV), busking events, and more.

  • Film

    We train young people to write, shoot, edit and produce videos to express their perspectives, be a voice and gain industry experience. Check out our media page to see some of the videos we’ve produced.

  • Photography

    We are a visual culture, encouraging our young people to capture their communities and communicate who they are while gaining technical understanding.

  • Art

    We provide opportunities for young people to hone their current skills and discover new ones, expressing themselves through painting, drawing and craft.

  • Digital/web

    We help our young people create apps, web content and more. We aspire to pioneer new ways to get plugged in and stay connected.

  • Writing

    We provide opportunities that allow young people to articulate their internal thoughts, as well as explore new areas of expression like poetry, short stories, scripts, and more.